TNT Fireworks

Why Mexico? Why PyroSmart?

Dwight D. Eisenhower, one of the most important world leaders wrote: “You will not find it difficult to prove that battles, campaigns, and even wars have been won or lost primarily because of logistics.” 

In that sense, there is a close relationship between logistics, costs and profits in every field, from trade to industry.

Today, logistics is a factor that adds value to exports and strengthens global value chains.

In this sense, Mexico is a unique country, with incomparable opportunities and competitive advantages.

Today, the innovative PyroSmart has been manufacturing in Mexico pyrotechnic devices with talent and creativity. Our challenge is clear: to convert the brand “Made in Mexico” into “Created in Mexico by PyroSmart”.

With this goal in mind, our company has invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Zacatecas, the most strategic place in Mexico at just 7 hours from The US border by land. Our geographic location, as well as the talent and quality of our human capital, make PyroSmart the ideal partner for a new productive supplier to flourish.

No wonder PyroSmart is the only one company in Mexico working with three foreigns companies like TNT Fireworks, Sirius Pyrotechnics and MJG Technologies offering them certainty and confidence, a business climate favoring productivity and competitiveness and optimal legal framework to let them can focus on growing their business.

PyroSmart has the most wide Government permits. Also we are the only fireworks company in the country with IMMEX.

The IMMEX Program is an instrument which allows us the temporary importation of goods that are used in our process without covering the payment of the general tax for import, the value added tax and, where appropriate, the countervailing duties.

Finally, we are a Customer Focus company and that has driven us to implement the ISO 9000 standards aiming to get certified in December 2015.

Innovation, innovation, innovation. Orders delivered in just one day, an unbelievable labor and freight cost, remarkable quality and the right partner means something: profits.

Logistics and  Reliability have a new name: PyroSmart in Mexico.


Vamos por el ISO9001:2008


PyroSmart ha decidido implementar un Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad basado en la Norma ISO9001:2008 Esta decisión obedece a la necesidad de establecer estándares de gestión que nos lleven a mejorar cuatro aspectos críticos de nuestra empresa:

  1. La seguridad. Cero accidentes.
  2. La calidad.
  3. Costos.
  4. Entregas a tiempo.

Para ello PyroSmart ha establecido cuatro áreas prioritarias a certificarse: La manufactura de productos pirotécnicos de consumo personal para TNT Fireworks, la manufactura del inflamador o cerillo J-Tek ™  para MJG Technologies, la manufactura del producto PYROBLAST-C ® y la aplicación de la tecnología PYROBLAST-C ®.  En apoyo al objetivo se han implementado adicionalmente el Sistema 5s y la metodología Six Sigma. La asesoría, apoyada por FUMEC, CANACINTRA, CONACYT y el Premio Nacional de Tecnología, está dirigida por Raúl Morones de Empresa TOTAL.

La meta que tenemos en PyroSmart es estar listos para las auditorías de certificación en la primera quincena del mes de diciembre de este año. Nuestro objetivo estratégico es incrementar nuestra competitividad.