Victoria Ruiz-Ortiz is a Mexican artist/painter living in Europe since November 2010.

She studied in her hometown, Zacatecas, Mexico, at the local art academy ‘Julio Ruelas’ in 2006, later moving to live in Mexico City in 2007 to continue studying for two years at the nationally renowned art academy ‘Real Academia Nacional De San Carlos’.

There she completed a degree in Theoretical Arts at a private art gallery. She then moved back to her hometown in 2009, where she completed her degree in Theoretical Cinematography at a public institution.

She moved in 2010 to Salamanca, Spain, where she began studying Fine Arts at the ‘Universidad Autonoma De Salamanca’ for a period of three months. She then proceeded to move to the south of Spain in 2011, where she studied photography for a period of six months, followed by her move in January 2012 to Berlin, where amongst other things, she worked on her first solo exhibition. In 2014 she moves to Paris to work as an art assistant for a period of half a year, collaborating in the making and finishing of a monumental size piece.

Now Victoria Ruiz-Ortiz will start creating art with pyrotechnic sculptures.

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